Temporary employment agency - we specialize in hiring temporary workers

For years, we have been committed to providing access to temporary employees for companies and helping to find temporary work for thousands of people throughout Poland. Cooperation with our temporary employment agency will provide the right employees for your company.

Cities where our temporary employment agency operates

We are a temporary employment agency from Warsaw with offices in such cities as:

  • Warsaw
  • Łódź
  • Cracow
  • Gdansk
  • Poznan
  • Wroclaw
  • Radom
  • Kielce
  • Katowice

In these cities, we mediate in providing temporary work to all interested candidates and their future employer.

How does a temporary employment agency work?

Our temporary employment agency is characterized by a large number of job offers. Thanks to this, we are able to choose the best option that will satisfy our customers. During recruitment, we pay particular attention to the experience, qualification requirements and skills of the candidates. We offer arranging the necessary documents needed to perform legal work. In addition, we take on all the employer's obligations related to recruitment.


In accordance with the regulations in force in Poland regarding the employment of foreigners, we offer you employment, recruitment and delivery of employees from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.


The offer of our employment agency also includes personal consulting. Our consultants have many years of experience in searching, recruiting and selecting candidates.


Employee leasing is an IDEAL AND FLEXIBLE form of employing employees. The proof of this statement is the multitude of satisfied employers who point to many measurable benefits of this form of employment


Visastart Group presents employees to perform co-packing orders. We have our own transport, accommodation for employees and experienced coordinators who will control all employee processes.

Are you looking for a proven employment agency?

Is it worth starting cooperation with our temporary employment agency?

When choosing an employment agency, you should pay attention to many factors, such as the needs of the company, the type of work and the availability of employees on the labor market.

Here are some potential benefits of such cooperation

A temporary employment agency helps in finding the right employees in a short time, which is especially useful in the event of urgent needs related to emergency situations, e.g. to prevent the plant from stopping.

A company using a temporary employment agency can reduce costs of formalities related to recruitment and training of employees, because the agency employs employees, is responsible for their remuneration, insurance and training.

Temporary work can be a good solution for companies that need flexibility in hiring employees, for example seasonally or in connection with short-term projects.

How much do agency services cost and what does the margin of a temporary employment agency depend on?

The cost of temporary employment agency services depends on many factors, including the level of remuneration of temporary employees, duration of the assignment, type of work, economic sector, location, and also from competition in the market.

The temporary employment agency's margin, i.e. the difference between the amount that the client pays to the agency and the amount that the agency pays to the employee, may also vary depending on several factors:

Salary lever The higher the remuneration of the temporary worker, the higher the margin may be required by the agency to cover the costs related to the recruitment, employment and training of temporary workers.

Duration of the order A longer order may be more profitable for a temporary employment agency, which may affect the amount of the margin.

Type of work Some types of work require more commitment and expertise, which can affect the agency's margin.

Competition A high level of competition on the market may force employment and temporary work agencies to offer a lower margin to attract customers.

It is worth noting that the margin of a temporary employment agency can be negotiated, and the amount of the margin depends on many factors, such as the size of the order, duration of the order, constant cooperation with the client or agreed terms of cooperation.

What kind of work can be entrusted to a temporary employee?

A temporary worker can be entrusted with many different tasks and works, depending on the needs of a given enterprise or company. An employer who has decided to use a temporary employment agency may entrust such an employee with:

Production works May perform production related work such as packaging, sorting, labeling, assembling, testing or operating machinery.

Warehouse work It can help organize and receive goods, complete orders, operate forklifts, or keep the warehouse tidy.

Administrative works It can help in keeping documentation, operating the office, archiving or preparing reports.

Trade work He can work at the cash register, in customer service, as well as in the sales department.

Work in gastronomy - Can help with food preparation, customer service, cleaning, as well as bar work.

Seasonal work It can help in seasonal work, e.g. picking fruit or vegetables, cleaning beaches or servicing tourists.

Construction work It can carry out individual construction works or even assembly work carried out on the construction site.

Ultimately, a temporary worker can do many different jobs, depending on skills and experience, but also on the needs of the company.

How long can you use a temporary employment agency

There are no time limits as to cooperation with a temporary employment agency. You can choose to use their services for a short-term order, but also for a longer period or even permanently. Many companies decide to permanently cooperate with temporary employment agencies in order to increase the flexibility of employment conditions and adjust the number of employees to current production needs or seasonality.

Before concluding a contract, however, it is worth remembering that cooperation with an employment agency has its advantages and disadvantages, and the decision on long-term cooperation should be well thought out and justified by the current needs of the company. It is worth carefully analyzing the costs and potential benefits of this form of employment before making a decision.

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