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Temporary employment agency in Wrocław - benefits for employees

Attractive benefits: Employers employing temporary workers must give them as many opportunities to work as temporary workers. Visa Start Group is based in Wrocław and is one of the most valuable employment agencies.

We offer numerous benefits for temporary employees, including a wide selection of job offers, flexible schedules, stable employment in convenient conditions, opportunities for development and professional experience, competitive salaries and professional support in the employment process. Thanks to this, employees can find a satisfying job, tailored to their needs, and develop their professional career.

A proven temporary employment agency in Wrocław

We are a proven employment agency throughout the country, including in Wrocław, and we have many years of experience and an established position on the market. Our company enjoys trust among both employers and employees, we conduct recruitments thanks to which we select the best candidates through the recruitment process. Visa Start Group has a number of consultants who provide comprehensive and high-quality services. We operate in accordance with applicable law, ensuring compliance with labor law and business ethics. Our mission is to provide satisfaction to both employers and employees by effectively matching job offers to the expectations and needs of both parties.

Who recruits temporary workers in Wrocław and in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship?

Wrocław is a Polish economic center. It has a number of companies from different sectors in a city with several manufacturing companies. The largest of the production plants are Whirlpool, the former Polar Metal Plant and the former Polar Power Plant. In the city of Wroclaw there is also a metal factory supplying non-ferrous steel, a company producing brake vehicles and tractors producing excavators.

Employment agency in Wrocław - Our services

Visa Start Group in Poland has a complete set of solutions for the needs of its clients. We offer job placement services, including assistance in identifying and maintaining permanent and temporary support for employees in the event of individual and group redundancies. Temporary work We can easily locate temporary work places for people who want them tailored specifically to them. In some cases, we help companies get the best employees through a business model, i.e. holidays.

Are you looking for a temporary job in Wrocław?

Our employment agency Wrocław is an experienced broker on the labor market, specializing in recruiting employees. As a reputable employment agency, we offer comprehensive services that cover a wide range of fields and positions. Thanks to our employment agency, recruitment of employees becomes easier and more effective. We operate on the basis of our many years of experience and knowledge of the labor market, which allows us to find ideal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Join our employment agency and trust our professionalism in the recruitment process!