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Employment agency Kielce - Visa Start Group employment agency

Employment agency for new jobs

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the Visa Start Group temporary employment agency! We are a continuously experienced partner who supports the local labor market, operating in Kielce and throughout Poland. Our offers are addressed both to candidates looking for a job and to employers looking for qualified employees.

Activity in industries

For employees, we offer the opportunity to find work in various industries, including production work. We cooperate with many production companies that are looking for qualified employees for various industries such as production, storage, machine operation or logistics. You will find employment with us both in positions for the unemployed and for experienced specialists.

Offer for entrepreneurs

We offer comprehensive recruitment services for your company, which include the selection of qualified employees, organization of recruitment processes and formal support related to the employment of temporary employees. We operate on the local labor market, which allows us to know the specifics of the market in a given area and match candidates well to the needs of our clients.

Developing skills

We are an agency that not only mediates employment, but also takes care of developing the qualifications of our employees. Thanks to various job offers, our candidates can gain new skills and broaden their qualifications while performing temporary work.

Hiring foreigners

In addition, we are open to employing foreigners who are looking for a job in Poland. We cooperate with candidates from different countries, providing them with support in the employment process and assistance in obtaining the necessary documents. Thanks to this, we can offer foreign employees the possibility of legal employment in Poland and gain valuable experience on the local labor market.

Our commitment

Visa Start Group is not only a temporary employment agency, but also a partner that cares about the satisfaction of both candidates and employers. With us, you can count on professionalism, honesty and comprehensive support in the process of looking for a job or employees. We have already been trusted by many clients on the local labor market, and our offer is addressed to both the unemployed and experienced specialists.

We invite you to use the services of our temporary employment agency Visa Start Group and discover employment opportunities on the local labor market!