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Temporary employment agency

For many people, temporary employment agencies are an attractive source of employment. First of all, these agencies often offer flexible forms of employment, which can be beneficial for people looking for casual or seasonal work. People who, for example, study, take care of children or need to adjust working hours to other commitments, can find an option in temporary employment agencies that will allow them to maintain flexibility in their daily schedule.

Professional experience

Another positive aspect of temporary work is the opportunity to gain a variety of professional experience. Temporary workers often work in different companies and industries, which allows them to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in various areas. This can be especially attractive for people starting their professional career or wanting to change the industry, but do not have enough experience.

Support in the recruitment process

It is also worth noting that temporary employment agencies often offer support in the recruitment process. They have an extensive customer base, which can make it easier to find a job, especially for people who have difficulties in looking for a job on their own. Agencies can also provide advice and career advice, which is a valuable support for people looking for their place on the labor market.

It is worth emphasizing that temporary work agencies are also obliged to comply with labor law and protect the rights of temporary workers. The agency's activity is subject to legal regulations, which concern, among others, remuneration standards, working conditions and social protection of employees. Temporary workers are entitled to the same social benefits as other workers, such as holidays or health benefits, which is an important aspect of protecting the rights of temporary workers.


Labor market - Lodz

Łódź, a city with a rich textile past, currently presents itself as an attractive place for investors, which translates into a developing labor market. The city has a wide variety of industries, several of which stand out as particularly dynamic and promising for job seekers.


What characterizes the food industry market

The food industry is one of the key sectors on the Łódź labor market. There are many renowned food companies in the city, such as Łódź Confectionery Factory, Pudliszki and Maspex. The food industry offers employment in various fields, such as production, logistics, quality management or sales, which creates opportunities for potential employees with various experience and qualifications.


Automotive industry

Another important sector on the labor market in Łódź is the automotive industry. The city is an important center for the production and assembly of automotive parts, and in recent years has gained importance in this industry. There are many companies related to the automotive industry in Łódź, such as Atlas Copco, Amcor or Rudnik & Sławik. The automotive industry offers employment in areas such as production, logistics, engineering or quality, which gives development opportunities for specialists in various fields.


Production of household appliances

Another promising sector on the Łódź labor market is the production of household appliances. In Łódź, there are production plants of many renowned companies in the household appliances industry, such as BSH, Whirlpool and Electrolux. The household appliances industry offers employment in areas such as production, assembly, logistics and quality, which is an attractive option for employees interested in working in the manufacturing industry.

The labor market in Łódź, although dynamic, also faces some challenges. High competition on the labor market, changing economic trends as well as technological and qualification requirements for employees pose certain challenges for the city's inhabitants. Therefore, it is important to invest in developing your skills, acquiring new qualifications and following changes in the labor market in order to remain competitive in the labor market.

Visa Start Group - temporary employment agency Łódź

If you are an employer looking for suitable employees on the local labor market in Łódź, Visa Start Group - a temporary employment agency - can be your invaluable partner. Finding the right employee is a real challenge, especially in a competitive labor market environment. That is why it is worth using the professional services of a temp employment agencysuch as our employment agency, which operates in Łódź and throughout the country.


Our experience

We have extensive experience that covers the local labor market in Łódź, which allows for effective acquisition of appropriate candidates for your company. Our recruitment specialists carefully analyze your requirements and preferences to provide you with the best employees tailored to your needs. Thanks to a wide range of activities on the local labor market, we are able to find employees from various industries and sectors, including the food industry, automotive, and the production of household appliances.


Recruitment process

We conduct our recruitment in a professional and effective manner. We carefully verify the qualifications, experience and references of potential employees to provide you with the best candidates. Our team will take care of a comprehensive recruitment process, including announcing job offers, selecting candidates, conducting interviews and finalizing the employment process.

Our experience on the local labor market in Łódź allows us to effectively provide employees for various positions, i.e. employment contract and many others. Therefore, if you need employees for a specific type of contract, Visa Start Group is ready to help you. We offer flexible solutions related to temporary employment, which gives you the opportunity to adjust the number of employees to the current needs of your company.



We work with many companies based on professionalism, commitment and individual approach to customer needs. We are ready to provide you with the best employees who will meet your expectations and will perfectly fit into your company's organizational culture. Thanks to our long-term activity on the local labor market in Łódź, we have gained the trust of many companies that regularly use our recruitment services.


Not only in Poland

It is worth noting that Visa Start Group also specializes in recruiting employees from outside Poland, including Ukrainian citizens. Thanks to this, we are able to provide you with qualified employees from different countries who have the appropriate skills and experience in their fields. By cooperating with us, you have the opportunity to hire qualified employees from outside Poland who can bring valuable value to your team.



We also offer comprehensive administrative support related to the employment of temporary employees, such as payroll settlement, handling formalities related to contracts and employment-related documents, and full employee insurance.

Visa Start Group is not only a temporary employment agency, but also a business partner that understands your needs and provides solutions tailored to your company. Thanks to our experience, knowledge of the local labor market in Łódź and specialization in finding employees from various industries, we are able to effectively support you in the recruitment process and provide you with the best employees on the market.

In short, Visa Start Group is a professional temporary employment agency that offers comprehensive support in the recruitment and employment process on the local labor market in Łódź and throughout the country. Our experience and specialization in finding people from various industries, flexible solutions related to temporary employment and employment opportunities for employees from outside Poland, we are ready to meet your requirements and help you find the best employees for your company.

Take advantage of our services and increase the efficiency of your business thanks to professional and reliable cooperation with Visa Start Group.


Are you looking for a job in Lodz?

A temporary employment agency is a solution you can count on! Our employment agency in Łódź offers you comprehensive support in finding a job in the city and the surrounding area. Finding the right job can be a challenge, which is why we have created a well-coordinated team of experienced recruiters who provide assistance at every stage of the recruitment process. Full professionalism, individual approach and attention to your needs are our priorities.

Thanks to our offer, you have a chance to find a job in various industries. We work with manyhas reputable employers on the local labor market, which gives you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Our workplace is a professional office with a convenient location in Łódź, where we can receive you and discuss your job expectations.

Our recruiters provide support in the recruitment process, answer your questions, provide the necessary information and thoroughly analyze your skills and preferences. Thanks to their full commitment, we can match the best job offer to your individual needs.

Join us and take advantage of our offer that will help you find a job that will meet your professional expectations. We are here to support you and make your job search process easier!