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Labor market

Gdańsk, one of the most important cities in northern Poland, is known not only for its rich historical and tourist heritage, but also for its dynamic labor market, which is constantly evolving and offers both opportunities and challenges for local employees and employers.

In recent years, the labor market in Gdańsk has experienced growth, both in the service and industrial sectors. Gdańsk, being an important economic center in the Tri-City region, attracts investors, especially in the IT, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and logistics sectors, which translates into a greater number of offers for the inhabitants of this region.

The IT sector, especially the programming industry, is one of the fastest growing sectors on the Gdańsk labor market.

As more and more companies from other countries move their IT centers to Poland, Gdańsk is becoming an attractive place for IT specialists, offering competitive salaries and the opportunity to work in an international environment.

In addition, the BPO sector, which includes outsourcing services in areas such as customer service, finance and accounting, is also developing in Gdańsk.

The industrial sector in Gdańsk also has its strength. The Port of Gdansk is one of the largest ports in Central and Eastern Europe, which translates into a high demand for employees in logistics, production and storage of products.

Many international companies, especially from the automotive and food sectors, have their production plants in and around Gdańsk, which generates numerous jobs for local employees.

However, working in Gdańsk is not without its challenges. Economic growth and a dynamic labor market are also associated with growing competition for the best employees. As companies compete for the best talent, salary increases may not be enough to meet the rising expectations of employees.

Although Gdańsk offers numerous opportunities, not all inhabitants of the region can equally benefit from these opportunities. Low-skilled people, long-term unemployed or people with a low level of education may encounter difficulties in finding a satisfactory job, which is a social and economic challenge for the region.

In response to these challenges, temporary employment agencies play an important role in Gdańsk. These agencies, operating on the basis of appropriate permits and legal regulations, mediate between employees and employers, offering temporary employment in various sectors of the economy.

Temporary employment agencies can be helpful both for employees who are looking for flexible employment opportunities and for companies that need employees for short-term projects or during periods of increased demand.

They also offer a variety of offers, both for people with different levels of education and experience, as well as in different industries. Thanks to this, people without professional experience or with a lower level of education can gain their first professional experience or permanent employment, and experienced employees can find a job in their profession or in the industry that interests them.

Temporary employment agencies also offer flexibility in terms of working hours, they have their own offices, which can be attractive to people who are looking for work for a short period of time, such as students or people working in other industries on a full-time basis.

In addition, temporary employment agencies often offer training and events that develop employees' skills, which can contribute to their further professional development.

It is also worth mentioning that temporary employment agencies in Gdańsk are regulated by law, which ensures the protection of employees' rights.

Workers employed in temporary employment agencies have the same rights as workers employed directly by employers, such as the right to pay, holidays and health and safety in the workplace.

To sum up, the labor market in Gdańsk is dynamic and offers numerous employment opportunities in various sectors of the economy.

Temporary employment agencies play an important role in enabling flexible employment and helping both workers and employers to meet their labor market needs.

What does the Visa Start Group temporary employment agency do?


Who we are?

We are a leading temporary employment agency located in Gdańsk and other regions of Poland, providing comprehensive HR and payroll solutions to meet the requirements of companies and employees in the city and surrounding areas.

Our company has been operating for many years, has offices throughout Poland, gaining extensive experience in the field of recruitment and selection of employees. Our mission is to meet customer expectations.

The recruitment process at Visa Start Group is professional and effective, meeting the requirements and ensuring the delivery of the best candidates to partner companies.

Our database has data collected over many years, therefore it covers a wide range of professions, from production, logistics, to services, which allows us to match employees to the diverse needs of our clients.

As a company that values progress, we are constantly developing our offer to meet the requirements of work in Gdańsk. We offer various types of contracts, such as temporary employment contracts, mandate contracts or contracts for specific work, adapting to the individual needs of our employees and clients.

Our company cooperates with many reputable companies, which proves the trust we enjoy among our partners. We are proud of the long-term business relationships we build with our clients, based on professionalism and mutual trust.

If you are looking for flexible employment options in Gdansk, contact us today! Our team of experienced people is ready to meet your requirements and will be ready to support you in finding the best employment opportunities. Regardless of your experience or skills, we have many offers that may interest you.

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Searching for a job can be time-consuming and demanding, but don't worry, we have a solution for you! Our temporary employment agency is a place where you can get support in finding your dream job.

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Using the services of a temporary employment agency is a great way to get a job in a short time. Thanks to us, you can gain experience in various fields, which can be a valuable asset on your CV.

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