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Employment agency in Krakow

Visa Start Group is a reputable temporary employment agency in Krakow. We also operate in Poland. We are a leader in the recruitment services market, offering comprehensive solutions for both employees and employers.


Thanks to the rich portfolio of job offers, we have the opportunity to provide a recruitment process from various industries, such as production, logistics, warehousing, technical area or customer service.

Our offer is addressed to both younger and older specialists, adapting to individual needs.

Comprehensive services tailored to your needs

Our agency perfectly understands the needs of both employees and clients. Thanks to our experience and advanced recruitment tools, we are able to effectively match candidates to the needs of clients.

Our priority is the satisfaction of both employees who find satisfactory employment and employers who receive the best specialists for their team.

We also deal with all formalities related to employment, such as contracts, documentation, settlements. Thanks to this, our clients can focus on running their business, and we will provide appropriate employees tailored to their needs.

Where does our temporary employment agency operate?

We operate in Krakow and have offices throughout the country, we are able to serve customers from various regions of Poland.

Our offer also includes services dedicated to employers, including permanent recruitment, HR and payroll outsourcing, as well as personnel consulting and training.

We offer comprehensive solutions, tailored to individual customer needs, in various industries and locations. We count on long-term relationships with our clients and satisfaction of both temporary employees and employers."

We invite you to use the services of Visa Start Group - a temporary employment agency that is a leader on the recruitment market.


What kind of temporary workers are needed in Kraków and the Lesser Poland Voivodeship?

Depending on the industry and the specifics of the business, there may be a demand for a variety of positions, such as production workers, warehouse workers, machine operators, customer service workers, logistics workers, construction workers, drivers, maintenance workers and many others.

Our employment agency can provide properly trained temporary employees for various positions, adapting to the specifics of the industry, customer requirements and the duration of the order.

In situations where a company needs to quickly supplement staff in the event of increased demand or the absence of permanent employees, temporary employees are a flexible solution. We can provide qualified employees for a specific period of time, adapting to individual needs.

Thanks to the wide spectrum of skills and experience of temporary workers, temporary employment agencies can provide qualified people who are ready to immediately take up work in positions that are currently needed in Krakow and the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

You're looking for a job? We are here to help you!

As a Visa Start Group employment agency, we offer comprehensive services that will allow you to find your dream job. Thanks to our extensive background and extensive experience in the industry, we can match job offers to your skills, preferences and needs. We offer a variety of employment opportunities. Our team of experienced advisers will provide you with professional support at every stage of the recruitment process. Use our services and find a satisfying job.