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The labor market in Katowice

Work in and around Katowice offers a wide range of interesting offers from various sectors, which is an important center of the mining industry. Jobs in this industry are still available, despite the changes that have taken place in the coal industry in the region.


Main economic pillar

The mining industry, which is one of the pillars of the Katowice region's economy, offers a variety of employment opportunities. In this sector, there are job offers for specialists related to geology, mining, environmental engineering, logistics, technical areas and management. Employees can find employment in hard coal mines, iron ore mines, steelworks, power plants, as well as in companies related to the extraction of natural resources.

Other pillars of the economy

Interesting job offers, however, are not limited to the mining industry. Katowice and the surrounding area are also development centers for other sectors, such as the metallurgical, chemical, electromechanical, service, IT and financial industries, as well as the area of scientific and technological research.

Many employers offer jobs in neighboring cities, such as Dąbrowa Górnicza, Sosnowiec, Gliwice or Tychy, creating an integrated system of work in the region.



It is worth noting that work in and around Katowice is relatively stable and developing. Many employers invest in modern technologies, develop infrastructure and offer attractive employment conditions, such as competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, social package or flexible forms of work.

In addition, many companies focus on developing organizational culture, promoting equality and diversity, and taking care of sustainable development, which makes job offers in the region more and more attractive to potential candidates.


Work in and around Katowice is also diverse in terms of experience and qualifications. Both people who are new to the labor market, university graduates and experienced specialists can find interesting job offers that meet their expectations. There are many universities, research institutions and training centers in the region, which creates opportunities for further professional development and raising qualifications.


Mining industry

Dąbrowa Górnicza, as one of the cities in the Silesian agglomeration, also offers numerous jobs, especially in the mining industry. The city is home to hard coal mines, metallurgical plants, power plants, as well as companies from other industries. The city is also developing in the area of services, trade, logistics and transport. This means that the inhabitants of the region have a wide range of job offers, both in the industrial and service sectors.


Technology industry

An interesting trend on the labor market in Katowice and its vicinity is also the growing interest in working in the modern technology sector, including the IT industry. Many employers offer jobs for programmers, IT engineers, data analysts, cybersecurity specialists, as well as other technology-related professions.

The high demand for candidates in the field of IT results from the growing importance of technology in various industries and from the dynamic development of companies related to this sector in the region.


Research sector

Working in and around Katowice also offers attractive prospects for people interested in working in the research and technology sector. The region has many universities, research institutes and innovative companies that offer jobs for scientists, engineers, in the field of new technologies, as well as other professions related to scientific research and innovation.


International job offers

It is also worth noting that working in and around Katowice offers many opportunities to work in international companies, both Polish and foreign.

There are many international enterprises in the region, especially in the industry, logistics, IT, finance and services sectors, which opens up prospects for people with language skills and willing to gain experience in an international work environment.

Importance of the market

Jobs in Katowice and the surrounding area offer a range of offers from various sectors, including the city of Dąbrowa Górnicza, which is an important center of the mining industry.

Employees can find attractive jobs both in the industrial and service sectors, as well as in modern technologies and scientific research.

Strong competition on the labor market in the Silesian region means that employers often offer attractive employment conditions, such as competitive salaries, benefits package, career development opportunities or flexible forms of work.


Poviat employment office vs Temporary employment agency

A temporary employment agency offers many advantages over PuP. First of all, the agency can quickly and effectively match the employee to the employer's needs, thanks to the wide range and resources of candidates.

In addition, agencies offer greater flexibility, allowing temporary workers access to a variety of job offers and the ability to choose tasks according to their preferences.

In addition, temporary employment agencies often provide support and advice to temporary workers, which can be a valuable support in the employment process.

Finally, temporary employment agencies can also offer attractive benefits, such as health insurance and training programs.

Thanks to these advantages, a temporary employment agency may be a more effective solution for job seekers than a poviat employment office.

Visa Start Group - job offers

Visa Start Group temporary employment agency in Katowice offers an interesting job offer for foreigners.


Our offer - work Katowice

We offer a wide range of services related to the recruitment and employment of employees from various countries, including countries outside the European Union. Our offer includes assistance in finding the right job, tailored to the individual needs and skills of candidates from outside Poland as well as in the country. We provide professional support and advice at every stage of the recruitment and employment process, including obtaining the necessary documents and work permits. We offer comprehensive solutions for foreigners who are looking for stable employment in and around Katowice.

What kind of job are you looking for? Agency contract, mandate contract?

We are a temporary employment agency that offers a variety of work options, including: mandate employment contract, agency contract and the possibility of getting a full-time job. For our clients, we offer a variety of positions, including trainee, specialist, sales assistant in various sectors and industries in Katowice and the surrounding area.

Our company is able to provide diverse work opportunities, tailored to the needs and expectations of our employees. If you are looking for a satisfying job, see our offers and take advantage of our professional support on the way to getting your dream job.

Competitive offer

We are a temporary employment agency in Katowice that offers competitive solutions for job seekers.

Thanks to our advanced recruitment tools and a rich portfolio of job offers, we are able to provide our candidates with attractive jobs in renowned companies in the region.

We also offer support in the employment process to provide our employees with the best conditions based on an employment contract, tailored to their skills and preferences. With us, you have a chance to get a satisfying job in a faster and more effective way.

Medical care and other benefits

In addition, many job offers provide attractive benefits, such as comprehensive medical care that ensures health and safety. In addition, we have offers that have a flexible work schedule, allowing you to adjust the schedule to individual needs and preferences. Thanks to this, convenience and comfort at work allows you to better manage your time and professional life.


Business offer

Our agency offers unique solutions for employers who are looking for highly qualified temporary employees, including senior specialist and junior specialist. Thanks to our experience, we are able to find the best candidates who perfectly match the needs of each company.

We deal with the comprehensive recruitment process, including creating advertisements, conducting selections and interviews, as well as verifying references and checking the skills of candidates. Thanks to this, employers can be sure that they will receive highly qualified specialists who will immediately adapt to the requirements of the position.

Industry diversity

Our offer of temporary work covers a variety of industries, such as IT, finance, administration, production, logistics, the medical area and many others. Therefore, regardless of the needs and requirements of the company, we are able to find appropriate temporary employees who will meet the expectations of the employer and fill his workplace.

We also offer flexible employment options, including various types of contracts, such as temporary employment contracts, mandate contracts, part-time or specific work contracts, tailored to the individual needs of the company. Thanks to this, employers can adapt employment to changing market and seasonal conditions, as well as increase the flexibility of employment in their company.

Impact of the employee's place of residence

The location of employees can have a significant impact on the efficiency of work and the overall performance of the company. When choosing temporary employees, it is worth paying attention to their location and adapting it to the specifics of the company's operations. Working with us, you can be sure that we will select employees who live in the vicinity of your place of business, which can contribute to better work efficiency and the overall efficiency of your company.

Unexpected absenteeism

As a temporary employment agency, we are ready to support your company in the event of employee absence. Thanks to our flexibility and a wide range of candidates, we are able to provide the right temporary employee who will replace the absent employee and maintain the continuity of work in your company. Regardless of the reason for the absence, such as illness, vacation or other circumstances, we can provide an experienced employee who will quickly adapt to the specifics of your company and perform the assigned tasks, which translates into continuity of work in your company, even in the event of unforeseen absences of employees.

Our temporary employment agency cares about the satisfaction of both employers and temporary employees. Thanks to our professional services, we ensure a fast and effective recruitment process, saving time and resources for employers, as well as satisfying employment for our temporary employees.